The author (imnofuckinglemonysnicket) is a 20 year old female. This blog will describe her next 700 days. The author has been a sufferer of various mental illnesses since the age of 7. She has been to over half a dozen psychiatrists, and many more psychologists with no long-term positive change. Inpatient hospitalization, outpatient hospital programs, and now the author will communicate the happenings of the next 700 days to see if life is still worth living at the end of the 700 days. If life is deemed inessential at the end of the allotted two years, certain actions will be taken. So this site may very well become a sort of place to write about bucket list items checked off.

The author invites you to follow the next 700 days with her, whether or not this morbid countdown/bucket list is your usual type of interest.